Rising from tough times

Today I spent some few minutes thinking of the road I have traveled especially during this pandemic time, and you know what there is one thing that keeps me going, and that’s my unspoken victories.

I thought I should share with you some of my favorite things, what I do when my mind wonders, if you have been active your all life and then just paaap! in a single blink of an eye you face changes, likely environment, may be where you now lives, if you have experienced moving in to a new country or a place for the first time you might catch up with me a little bit more than someone who has not.

In three years I was blessed to start a family , become a mom and moving to a new place , far from home. It has been a great experience, It’s a great opportunity for me to learn and grow because my life is about growth. But it has not been easy going through the changes, it’s only through my unspoken victories I have come this far.

Here are some of the few things that keeps me on track :-

It’s okay not to be okay. So take as much time as you can until your okay again.

Take time until your you again. Give yourself permission to heal and be grateful for the time you’re in.

I concentrate on what I can do now than what I can’t do. Appreciate what your able to accomplish because someone somewhere is waiting for that opportunity.

I spend more time with the ones who right up my sunshine. Make a list of who makes you happy and spend more time with them.

Be grateful always.

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