Bouncing back

I grew up in a big family, i had eight siblings me being the 9th😊. I still remember some of my childhood moments and we had this bed in one of our guest’s room that we would go sleep because it was bouncing when we sleep especially in the afternoon when you are forced to sleep as the kids😋 i hated sleeping in the afternoon but that bed was everything i would go and play on it until i fall asleep. There was a time this bed was destroyed i don’t remember how but it wasn’t bouncing back as it use to, so it was not interesting anymore for me🤣🤣🤣

My body has currently changed alot, well i know i am 12kg more so it’s a big change. I have seen alot from social media and seeing people around me bouncing back after giving birth ,and some remains with their baby weight forever. I can’t hide there is a lot of pressure from outside which makes me question when will i bounce back???🤔 like that bed in my childhood am i going to bounce back???

Then i found some wonderful reading from different writer’s perspectives that our body is different, some may bounce back and some may not, again my body right now reminds me of what it is capable of, giving a life, it was toned, stretched and yet i gave life to a wonderful son a gift that my husband and i are entitled to keep on earth. You see my body is a reminder that i am wonderful made to be able to give life, that i am beautiful no matter what size i am, we are different and that’s okay, it may take time to bounce back and it’s okay if it doesn’t bounce back😄🤣🤣

So if you are wondering about bounce back thing, well enjoy it while it last, your body is magical🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️

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