Life is the series of moments, from birth to death, there so much going on in our life that we are taken away from what is really happening around us. I use public buses most of the time and i would notice how we are so close to our cellphone that we miss out to see new buildings, new shops and stuffs that i enjoy, car trends on the traffic jam🙈🙈🤣🤣🤣

In the past one and half year i experienced a moment of making a baby inside my belly. Such a great experience i say today, there was so much going on in my life that i missed some moments that i now regret why i did what i did, one of the moment i clearly remember was the day that i was traveling to Nairobi and i was 8month pregnant,( trust me im missing the care i got whenever traveling while pregnant😂) ,i had a big belly that everyone staring at me from checking in to landing. There was a moment where i wanted to throw up in one of my trips and my seatmate was a brother that i was attending a workshop with, so he hold my hand and whispered it’s okay you will be fine. Immediately i pretended that i was fine and said worry out i am okay, the truth is ,i wasn’t okay, i didn’t want him to feel sorry for me because of my situation. Things went well we landed safely.

It’s okay to let yourself be, especially when you need help. Moments may not come back, be present that you may never had a chance to regret a thing you didn’t do. Allow the universe to work on you and you will be present. Enjoy the moment that you are in because most of it doesn’t last.

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