Hidden and unseen

I am a new mom this year, and this excites me, i am curious about everything that happens around me currently, that is to say i learn and unlearn alot of thing throughout the day.

I decided to take a break from everything including office work to raise my baby and i have alot of time with the baby , i spend most of the time with him, i feed, take him to sleep, play 💃, clean up, cook, wash though i have a house help i find myself doing almost everything sometimes and realizing later that i need help. There are so much going on in my life with him, to keep this real short, i have come to realize that some beautiful things are hidden and unseen.

Some people live their lives by serving behind the curtains, house wives and mother to mention one. Not every calling and gifting comes with spotlight but that should not make one feel irrelevant , we should learn to shine, work hard and be the best, cute like no one’s business.

To everyone who feels hidden and unseen just remember it’s about you, let you work hard on whatever you do and when you are in your best self you will feel the impact you have, eventually everyone around you will start to woke up the voices in their hearts.

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