We all have experienced a waiting period, on the ATM machines, on bus station, on train station , at the airports and most of us have waited to finish school, waiting for a graduation, waiting to get married , waiting to meet your parents mostly for those who were adapted early enough that they never met their parents. So basically , waiting is the experience that most us have been through.

I experienced the series of waiting last year and thats what i wanted to share with someone who think waiting is bad or is a crime or they are distracted at a point when they had to wait for something. Few minutes after the doctor told me that I’m expecting a baby, i had so many questions going around my head, i think i had not realized that i can too have a baby so the whole thing was a long awaited great experience from morning sickness to labor, so all this is now a history because i am now a mother to a healthy baby that i don’t want him to get older. During my waiting period having a growing belly for nine month taught me that it’s okay to wait and while waiting there is something to cheer you up,( i actually read this from a certain website i can’t remember well the link) but what you can do as you preparing for awaited miracle ( which may be anything you are waiting for), how are you making yourself ready to receive? And are you positive? Even in your bad days are you realizing what waiting means to you?

I was in a bajaji one day, on my way home i met three adorable school kids playing along the road, since i have seen them at the bus stop several times and they use same daladala daily ,i just approached then and offered a ride and while on our way i asked, do you normally play after school? And they replied yes , just to pass time as we wait for a daladala that takes time to pass by.

See waiting can be boring, waiting is tiresome but at the end of the day is what you do while waiting.

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