Life is the air we breath and how we use it.

Few days ago i asked my self some questions about life and it came to past midnight when i realized that if i say i have not lived who will be blamed for that? Or of i say live is hard whose life is that? Or if i say im too tired and i am giving up who will be hold responsible?

Then i concluded that life is the air we breath and how we use it, no matter how often we stand on the roads, wondering if we will make it to the other side without doing anything about it, is the same results we get when we complain about our life and not doing anything about it.

The reality is to open our hears and eyes and be ready to face what’s coming our way , because we have control of our live and its our choice to choose whats right for you.

Be ready for opportunities in life.

#life #directioninlife

#selfcontrol #beinspired

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