How to make a happy new year18.

Its my first day working this year and im grateful for a wonderful rainy day in the city. It’s normally not a very good day when it rains here especially workdays in the morning, but I’m happy for God’s blessings that are always with us.

When this year started i was among those people who had no idea of what’s next this year. Being married for three weeks, my marriage is what i have next, and thinking of my career again i wanted to continue doing what i do best, which includes content creation and other areas. I was stranded , how do i do this yet this year i kept on asking myself everyday ?

So i had some goals and plans written down but there is one thing i needed to do to make this year easy for me. Basically i decided to look forward to accomplish something i have planned each time this year. That’s the only motivation that i have chosen this year because living, recreating and discovering is what i am looking forward to accomplish this year by loving and giving i can put a smile on someone who need it most as i do.

Happy new year everyone 🌺

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