Anything you want good, you can have it, you just need to be persistent on the same.

Just because you’re doing a lot more, it doesn’t mean you’re getting a lot more done

As a child I remember reading one story of the man who had trained for years preparing for a run on marathons. When the day came,he was ready for the run, he had promised himself that no matter what happens, he should finish the race. So the run started and he was running slowly but he couldn’t stop, some mocked him, laughing at his small steps and at last he happily reached the destination. When he was asked why he couldn’t stop, he replied that his goal was to finish what he has started so na matter what happened he wanted to reach the last point.

So in this life,i see life as a run,we have different goals, each one of us has the goal to reach somewhere happily, so use your time wisely, everything you do counts and it determines your life goals ,instead of doing alot and make no step, choose your space and work on it, so why don’t you do what you love doing? May be there is business you’re planning to start and everyone doesn’t get it, woke up, own it and happily do it. Same to a new hobby, new idea be clear of what you want in life and do it.

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