Attitude is a little thing that makes a difference.

-Wiston Churchill-

Last week I spoke to my friend who lives in Houston, and he told me there would be hurricane, so it might rain for five days… so I promised to pray for them ,that they will go through it. Well I didn’t know if it will be a big thing until yesterday when I was on news and I found this picture, for me it explains something about my friend’s attitude and I thought I should share.

You see, he knew what it looked like when there is hurricane than I thought but he was ready because he knew how to go through it. His attitude on the incidence helped me learn more about my attitude. So these are the lessons that I learned from him:-

Attitude can be developed

First step to developing a positive attitude is to become aware of the true nature of your current attitude. This can not be as easy as it sound, but how you react to various situations can show your attitude. Everything in life can only be achieved if we approach it with positive or affirmative attitude. So we need to learn everyday on how to develop our attitude towards things around us.

Below are few things you can to:-

  • Assess your attitude towards yourself. It’s important to consider that attitude reflects both inwardly on yourself and outwardly to other people. See how you react when you are alone and when you’re with other people.
  • Follow how you progress everytime you want to react on people and things that happens to you.

Remember positive attitude leads you to,

  • Plan ahead always.
  • Encouraging others
  • Showing appreciation
  • Be considerate
  • Be a good leader, by sharing your enthusiasm with others.

Being positive makes you more dependable.

PS. If you find this interesting please share with your friends.



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