Just in a different way each one of us has their own way which defines them better. It is this feelings that makes them who they are. I personally have my space, where my confidence stands most, it’s in this area I feel comfortable and its what draw my confidence.

So I once asked myself why is it that sometimes I feel more confident and sometimes I am not so I gave myself a test , it worked:-

Reinforce your belief in yourself

If you get to know who you really are, what are your need and wants in life, and you refuse to let other people’s thoughts affect you directly or indirectly you will be able to bring a sense of self.

Understanding your place, and why are you on earth.

So as I always repeat, for me, I am here to light the world, making it a better place, bringing positive changes that starts with me then others, one person at a time. If you dont know who you really are it’s hard to know what you should be doing in the world. Ask yourself what mission are you on?

Understand what keeps you forward and what’s brings you back and how can you balance.

Opposing forces if well known can be easily avoided. It’s a big struggle and you should understand them so well that you can tackle them easily.

To be true to yourself and your value.

I grew up knowing how society want us to act and what I wanted. It’s hard to keep both because you will be a prison of one, so this was simple compromising, as a child I identified myself and my identity lives. So your values are the energy behind your goals. Live it☺

Have a plan and a strong sense of purpose, draw your dream and the things you want to achieve , learn everyday. Know that its okay to ask for help. And most importantly know how to show up and share your gifts in a way that makes you feel comfortable with your values and mindset.

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