Never give up on yourself!

When this year started I bought an empty jar brought it home in my room and i started putting in it piece of papers everyday that express my gratitude , and I used it on counting my blessings too. It has been an incredible journey doing it and I’m actually loving it, why? You see I have learned something very crucial that no one would tell you if you don’t search for it or create it yourself.

Life should be an adventure and its up to you to create it, there are ups and down that might make you give up on your dreams but honestly these are what makes our life an adventure , the process of looking for solutions to your problems and challenges are what makes our life an adventure, when things doesn’t go your way just remember there will always be a solution to it.

What to do now to make it an

you just need to be ready for the challenges, knowing that they exist will prepare your mind to overcome all your life’s brokers. When our mind are ready ,we are to overcome all the trials and whatever comes on our way, can be responded easily.

Find small things that motivate you , things like arts, volunteering activities and buy yourself a new outfit or help someone while you can.

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