How to turn  your failure  into lesson  

I wanted to raise some more cash this month. Just doing something  new so I decided  to  have  started  a  small fruits  business to help me get this fund, I spoke  to some of my friends about it and some were okay with it and some were wondering  why I choose that business, I couldn’t  explain  myself I was just thinking  of  the  amount I need and so I planned  to  work so hard for it.

First  day and something bad happened, I had orders but they were  canceled  before  time which was good but  I  had prepared  them earlier  enough which means I had no choice but look for some customers. I was disappointed, I thought  I  was  loosing  myself  but something came up and I collected myself  and I sold all the order to my friends  instead.

First thing is that instead of  thinking  how you have failed ,  focus  on how your going to  do next time, turn your failure  into lessons

Think positive  

Think that there is a lesson for every failure  so keep on looking for that lesson instead  of giving up.

Have some friends  you trust  and share your  worries  

Actually  I was wondering  who should I talk to, should I go to my friends  who told me I couldn’t  make it and tell them yes I couldn’t  make it? Or should I look for someone who can sympathize  with me? I know my friends  so I called one and she talk to me, she is the one who helped  me  sell all the remaining  fruits.

Trust your instinct  

What you think of  yourself  matters, it may not be right hundred  percent  but it keeps you moving, keep going , inspire yourself  to be more and do more this will help you move and work hard.

Work hard and have a goal.

When you have a goal which can be a reason  why you do what your doing,  is very important. Always find a reason why you do what you do, or what inspires you to do what your doing, this will motivate you that you don’t  give up.

P.s. If you found this interesting  kindly share with your network.

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