Choosing  the right struggles

Have you  ever felt something  is wrong with your  life? Or do you find it difficult  to struggle  for a living? May be do you  feel lonely, unhappy  and bored sometimes from your life? Do you see others happy and admiring  them?

This can be good reminder  for you.

Know  your  struggles  and choose them well, if you  are  okay with them, you can do anything  about  it, suppose it’s  your day  job you will be grateful  to  woke up every morning  going to  work because that’s  what you  choose  to  and you like it and so you will do anything  to  work hard about  it.

Have you ever  thought of caring for  what’s  matter and leaving behind what doesn’t  matter, so that you  can  have more time for what matters  in life?

So now I know, not every struggle  is meant for  you, some struggles are not yours, they don’t belong to you, if so, why do you  hold on them so much? So why don’t  you  take time and strategies  your struggles? 

Choose it well and face it with courage.

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