When you’re  happy  everything  falls in place.

I took these flower  pictures the  last time I visited  my elder brother’s house. I was actually in a phone call  while taking  them, I have always loved  nature  and smile  mostly  when I come across  beautiful things flowers being one of them.

Happiness  is a choice and if you  recall  all of the good things that you  have  ever done or you have accomplished   at some point they happened  when you were  happy. So how can you be happy? 

By being  honest  to yourself, let you appreciate  all that you have and become  a  daily  learner  that way you will  be able  to  share  your sunshine  while leaving.

Stop worrying, worries  are signs  of  defeat  that is developed  by  fear within  you . So keep  in mind that every  thing gonna  be  alright, if it doesn’t  work  today it will probably  work some  days.

Be satisfied  with our being,  youre  makes  a  difference   always  remember, your  enough  there will be no one to bring you  happiness  because  you own your happiness  and  dreams.

Know  your  time  line, as I have said there will always be you, know when is your time because  its  a different  time  with  anyone  who ever existed.

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