Ask yourself a little question

Who exactly am i doing this for?
Most friends i meet has a story to share, and this is more interesting , almost everyone is not an easy quitter. Likely me. You see, quitting seems like you have failed, at some point in life I have missed out good things because I didn’t want to quit from a thing that I was never happy with, in the same cases I have read this phrase “never quit unless you are done” it is soo true not to quit, but who am I doing this for??

So if you want to walk away from a bad situation, relationship, job, friends or bad people, quitting is what you should do. It become easy if you have a reason to stay, ask yourself as many questions as you can, and this should be the best question, “who are you doing this for?

Remember life is too short to waste time on things that takes your energy and time and never important to you.


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