Focus on the things you can control

Basically there is a gap many of us faces when it comes to focus,we are left behind sometimes because of the mistakes we make by not be in focus, let’s admit there are a lot of distraction I life, every time you try to concentrate and focus something comes in. Imagine you are reading an interesting story from your tablet and a text pop up, imagine you are driving back home and your phone in your hands chatting and trying to catch up with the text you didn’t read while at work and suddenly a motorcycle cross by and you were hit, you can imagine different situations in life where you once were distructed and you loose focus.

Here are things you can do to help you focus from my experience.

Prioritize. You can’t do everything so choose carefully, do less focus more.when you focus means you cansay no. Choose what’s important and do that.

End negative energy . think of the good within you and others and concentrate on that, think of what you can gain than what you loose.

Focus on what you want,  focus on listen to other whenever they don’t have any opinion about your choices.

Make a decision and create a vision. Having an end in mind, what do you expect from your decisions?hold on to the results and do not limit yourself to the possible results. Aim for the positive change.

Do not allow failure or challenges to distruct you, take a time if you need to it will help you find energy to start again.if you can control it you can focus.

©Nyamagesa 2016

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