My secret is simple, I pray.

I gather with family friends every Sunday for prayers, the best time of my life is when i go for prayers,talking to my Father, who knows what I am, who understands me so well and yet ready to hear my cries when I call him to hold me and guide me, It is such a great moment that makes me feel relived from all life burdens and troubles that I go through daily.

When I pray I am strong, when i pray i am a winner, when i pray I am powerful because I can do all things through Him who strengthen me. I am who I am because I pray, I know I am safe in his hands because he hears me when I call, he is there always  to watch over me.

I am glad he cares for me, he also cares for my friends and family, i love him because he first loved me, He loves me no matter what the situation is, His love is everlasting , and through prayers i communicate to Him all my troubles and He forgives me.

I am not worried because i prayed.

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