I believe  these are the most important words in our life.

There would always be a moment in your life when your body, heart and soul come together look at the situation that you are in, may be a toxic job, poor relationship, your in addiction, a falling marriage, depression and you say NOT THIS. A moment when your heart and deepest soul says we were not meant for this!!!

 The reasons why this moment is scary is because we are always not ready with plan B. Your brain and heart doesn’t want to say NOT THIS aloud because there is no altenative in mind, then what next…??? I don’t know how it is to you but most of my friends that I know their life has changed or laid to their destiny only when they decided to surrender to the truth of these two words, NOT THIS. Its okay if you don’t know what next , you don’t have to know, you just need to be honest to your deepest truth which tell you NOT THIS. If  that’s what your body, heart and soul tells you then listen to that and make brave decision that leads you to your destiny. The future is a mystery, there is no promises which means our choices can be good or bad but at least it will be : NOT THIS, only that is a good start, be brave.

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