What defines you?

I attended a friend’s wedding yesterday with my friends, and this friend showed me a man who was passing by and he was actually looking smart. He was tall, handsome and coloured, he was one of this people you will notice in the wedding through their smart look.

My friend told me a little story about this man in the incidance that had happened few minutes ago when they were buying something at the shop, she told me that this man had  embarrased one of my girlfriend at the shop thinking that this girl was a shopkeeper in that shop, now the issue here was not knowing if my friend was a shopkeeper, the issue was how he communicated to her which shows his attitude towards people which was so arrogant of this man to my friends, they noticed it and immediatelly defined him as arrogant man.

We have allow other people who sorround us define us through our small act, looks, and we have defined ourself in the eyes of others through our act and deeds and we never noticed. In the world that we live in its important to know how we define ourselves and how we want the world to define us.

Having brought up from a poor family does not make you poor, being born with a certain syndrome does not define you, being not able to do something does not define you. If you cant do somethings you can do other things and  embrace all the better moments of your life. There is always something that we can do to make life better, you can use your area of expartise to define you and you can let people define you they way you want to be defined.

When people say your not good at something that doesnt mean  you are not good at it, but rather do you think you are not good at it? your thoughts are the ones that defines you and  say alot about you.

we should not let others judge and define us but we should define ourselves and live with in values that define us.

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