How to trust your instincts

And I had a good day , it wasn’t a very good one when I started it in the morning but it has ended up well.

Years back my English language teacher told me that practice makes perfect.

I hate worrying, so one of the best practice I have ever done and succeeded was to trust my instinct. This is what I did, have you ever had two ways thoughts on doing things? I have been there  too and through trusting my instinct I have managed to go through difficult times in my life and i have overcome fear of failure and realized worrying is like walking with an umbrella waiting for the rain as said by one writer.

These are some of the things you should do:-

  • Choose  positivity by being ready for any results that may comes to you.
  • Personal practice  by choosing positivity over negativity each time your in wonders.
  • Make it your habit by frequentily allowing feedback and make it part of your life to trust your instinct

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