Who inspires you?

I find inspirations in everything that i see, my first inspiration was my mother, so just from my early age, my mother ha been inspiring me to be and do more. I have written so much about her as i can remember but i can never get enough of writing about my mother, she is my everlasting inspiration. How she works hard , how she takes care of our family and how she and my dad gave me an oppotunity to be educated and today i find inspiration in everything i see, because they taught me to be the best i can be. To identify my dreams and draw then to own these dreams.
So where do you find inspiration? If you think you re going through a hard time, think of the patient who attends health centers everyday , think of the children in the streets and how they struggle to find a day meal.

You can find inspiration in this woman who is struggling to keep children in school by selling yams on the high way, everything we see is an opportunity to grow and become more, its an opportunity to learn and be more. Don’t waste a second thinking of what you have lost instead use that as an oppotunity to explore the world and find inspiration.

Woke up in the morning and open your window to see inspirations that the world gives. The birds singing and the sun shining.

The inspiration is within you, look inside you and be a star in your own story.

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