Story telling

I teach kids at my Church, and it is one of the best thing that i long to do in every week. Children love stories and they will ask me to tell them  stories eachtime we meet and anywhere we go because that’s what they can listen for sometime without loosing their interest in listening.Children feels connected to stories, and they never forget every story that I have given them. When I tell them same story they usually tell me we know that one aunt , and so we go through it together, even when if it’s the same story they want to hear it again just because it is a good story.

No one can forget a good story.

When speaking in public ,stories is a good way of making them listen to you. The audience like my little friends needs something interesting that will help them concentrate in a speech from the start to the end of the speech or a pitch.Its your work to find a creative way to make them listen without ceasing, and stories is the most powerful way to connect with your audience , it leave a mark, it creates a picture, something to remember in their mind. With a good story your speech will be remembered.

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