Sharing my public speaking experience

My mother told me,always be yourself with confidence.

So as for me public speaking has been part of me,considering that i started speaking in large room full of  audience since i was a little girl, gained my confidence early enough when my mother told me to always be myself and confidence, since then i have walked with my confidence and i have always been myself. So been put on spot does not frighten me anymore.

But what does intimidate me still is when you speak in a room full of fellow human being who are looking straight at you and they are eager to know what you have for them, it’s one thing standing in front of people and another thing to meet or deriver their expectations.

Same skills are needed to command a room from a stage, things like being smart, intelligence, putting your mind to be active thinking and changing quickly to make your audience alive, apart from all this you need much more, that’s why most of people are not doing it successfully.Thinking about great speakers Tony Robbins  you don’t have to be a super star to stand out, you can use some few technique that I have learned to help you make successful speaking in public.

In the next post we will see some of the techniques that I have learned and how they can help you be the best in public speaking.

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