Choose to be a snazzy dresser

You will just know when someone is stylish and attractive.It is the easiest but always an overlooked way to show confidence.The audience would love to see a person who is nicely dressed on the stage,because it catches their concentration from the beginning. Whether it’s a man in a well tailored suit or a woman who appears nicely in a bright patterned dress.

Dress to stand out among all the brown and black outfit in the audience. My friends say “peacocking” .

When i wear bright colours it does not only improve my mood but also the mood of the audience.

Dressing say a lot about you, it’s important to be in what you like but then know your audience, their age,and education , you should have a clear understanding of your audience as  you stand before them. When you dress for yourself think about who are you going to talk to? Remember when you are in a proper dressing code you will never trumble ,you will be bold.

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