Overcoming fear 

We all wish to start something, a business, can be a new hobby, new habit, can even be a new lifestyle , we wish to do something new for ourselves everyday, we want to stand out and make our dreams, wishes true. But we fear, we have failed to follow what we we want to be to make our dreams true, we have taken years to be what we would have been earlier than now.

Let me share with you simple steps you can take to overcome fear in your life. I was a victim of this before, but I changed my ways and I was fearless, here are the simple thing you can apply:-

Own your decisions

If someone else decides for you, there is no way you can be fearless, you won’t be comfortable with what you say, decide and do because someone else holds your thoughts . To overcome fear you need to own your decisions.

Keep your eye on purpose.

If you don’t know what you want, you will always fear, let yourself know every detail of what you want in life, be specific in choosing what you want, if you have a dream, draw it, own it and then live it, this will increase your confidence.

Trust your instincts 

You know yourself better thank anyone, live to tell the world a story, let them believe in you, remember who you are makes a difference. 

Learn everyday.

From the things around you , learn from people around you, that way you will know mostly everything about the world around you, do not ignore any point of learning in your life.

Lastly, always be strong and courageous , your unique in your own way.

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