Making no mistake about it 

In finding what’s different about me, I was to be so me in whatever I do, I was to be more of myself than  ever, actually it was the time that I received more feedback about me and the feedback about my difference was the popular comment I could get everywhere, both in new and old areas that I visited.

I was happy to finally know the secret of who I was, that spirit in me was burning in a way that I was different, I have recently read a book called Transformed mind written by Samwel koranteng pipim he said when you are transformed you will look like your out of your mind, it’s okay because that’s how transformed mind should be viewed as, I didn’t feel like I was transformed at first until when i went through this book.

I then realized that it was okay to be different because we never share destiny with anyone. Our journey differs, and we should keep in mind what is our journey when we choose to become who we are.

Our daily routine say about who we are, what we eat, what we say, and what we do means us. They define you and so don’t make any mistakes about it.

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