Raising from being myself 

They say ;like water streams in the rivers, they forms new ways at the middle of the rocks. Being an introvert has brought happiness and success in my life and I have seen beauty of life in every side of life. It’s with every obstacle comes a well designed solutions.

I never wanted to be famous, and in my life journey I have always been known everywhere I go, this was too hard for me especially when I wanted to start involving myself in community activities, I wanted to do everything but I didn’t want to be known.

But I grew up knowing that I could do and be anyone in this world as I was choosing career path, so I did everything I could to reach my dreams, my parents taught me to be strong and courageous in anything that I stand for especially my values. I’m thankful for they taught me to find my own identity, expression and strength, they showed me how to write my own story. I now believe that souls has no colors, no shape and no formulas just like all of our works, it goes far than you can see.

Growing up in a small town for me wasn’t a big deal, what matters by the time I had to meet different people from different cultures was for them to accept me just as I am, it wasn’t easy at all, because they knew I was not what I am. As I share how I rised, I want you to know that I never knew if being myself would bring me success.

This is the beginning my journey to find who I was, my identity and express it to the society that I live in,?these was my questions;

  1. What makes me different?
  2. What do they see when they look at me?
  3. Living my values.
  4. Sharing my blessings.

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