True freedom 

I love traveling and as a true citizen I decided to travel my country first and explore every area knowing everything about my country then I would have go see the world, it has been a great experience ever, my life has been full of new experience and meeting new people has been a life changing experience.

And then one day a friend asked me, why am I so free to travel, she meant a lot on that question but I was brave enough to take it. I told her I’m free because I have chosen to be. That was a life changing answer to me and her. We have our freedom, and we should own it.

Free to dream, free to be what you want to be in your community and let other understand who you’re by Sharing with the world without hesitating to let them know how free people can be.

Today know that you’re free to dream, free to choose who you want to be, its now and not next day. Be courageous enough to make a difference in your community by choosing to be free and enjoy a true freedom.

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