My philosophy on a happy life (End)

Keep moving forward …this is my last philosophy of a happy life.

Moving forward is only possible if your eyes are open to see what the world gives and what do you want from what it gives, it’s when you walk with your own weather , where nothing changes you as long as your determined to reach your successful destination , it’s when you choose to be who you are in the middle of life’s storms, noises and disappointments.

I knew I was a leader when I was a little girl, my childhood was full of charms ,love and honestly I don’t remember the day I have ever regreted being a child. That’s the reason I kept telling people that “we will never be as young as we are now ” I cherish every moment in life as I move towards my life goals, trust me I’m not there yet but I’m on my way there.

I made a conscious decision that I wouldn’t give up no matter how tough things got, and trust me they have been tough but am glad I have held on.

Successes are affirming and a lot of people want to be associated with what your doing, I have reminded myself that limitations only lives in our minds but if we use our imaginations our possibilities becomes limitless.

Failure only creates an opportunity to reflect and expropriated newer and better ways of doing things and I have reminded myself through life that mistakes are stepping stone to greatness especially when they are embraced and not left to pass.

I have always stick in my principals of choosing to be happy knowing that there is always something better awaiting me on the other side of the challenge . And this is why I’m happy and I enjoy every little success in life.

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