My philosophy on a happy life (Part 2)

My friends says I always look happy and relaxed, its true I have learned to relax before I act on different issues , we go wrong if not today, there will always be a disappointment in one area in life, it’s not easy sometimes to notice but i have experienced these situations too, in this world, full of disappointments which is hard to avoid sometimes unless you walk with your weather.

Secondly, i choose to be with the people that i am comfortable to be around with.

I’m grateful for the family that i have, I never imagined my life without my family they have been always there to lift me when I’m falling, encourage me even when they know my dream is too big, they push me to make my dream come true. They raise me to become a dreamer and I’m happy because Home is where I stop running.

I make friends everyday, they come and go ,but a friend is easily lost than found, I choose to be around friends that I trust, we share our dreams and help each other out to reach our dreams,we challenge each other in things like education, work and our faith. We normally have fun together, they accept my weaknesses and I understand them too.

I have children that I mentor, they are so adorable, they dream big and I see myself in them, so I enjoy listening to them as they tell their never ending stories, they want to be like me so I always share with them one phrase, we will never be as young as we are, so be the best you can be now.

For me I choose to be with the people who help me give and receive, so that way I am happy. I remind myself that we are in the same journey but our destinations differs. I choose wisely who to walk with in my journey to reach my destination in living a top performance life.
To be continued…

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