My philosophy on a happy life(part 1)


Everyone needs to be happy, and being happy has different meaning to most of us, in everything you do in the end you want to be happy in life. Most of my closest friends knows how happy I am and how I keep my self happy. In business, family or at work all we have ever wanted is being happy with all that we do.

I hope you will enjoy my happy life experience.

Firstly,I’m okay with what I can’t do, so I concentrate on what I can do.

I understand that we are different, some has high knowledge on things and some has middle and so on, so if I don’t know anything and someone knows it better I am mostly okay with that,  imagine if we could all be lawyers or doctors, lets all the be teachers what would happen, who will sweep our flows, who would attend us in the hospitals?  So I’m so okay that I can’t do engineering but I can actually write and speak so well and so I do it at my best.

You may be wondering why I say so, if at all I aim to do something and I don’t know that thing, i actually learn it and master it so well, and if I don’t manage it it’s okay with me too.

When in school, I knew I wasn’t able to wake up late night to study because I like sleeping, and even when I forced myself to wake up I wouldn’t even read so well as others would do, this is what I did, I had to use my noon time so well, imagine when the teacher was teaching I tried to concentrate so that it would stick on my mind and I wouldn’t have to woke up at night to study. This way I was a happy person because I was not bothered with others being studying during the night.

So it’s okay with me with what I can’t do and so I concentrate on what I can do better. That’s why I’m happy.
To be continued…

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