Why attitude matters


I had a lazy morning today but my dreams kept on clicking in my thoughts, I asked myself few questions but mostly why I choose to do what I do? I would have slept the all day perhaps. Anyway i came up with this today let’s see a little on attitudes.

Many people are not really aware of the true nature of attitude with which they approach many phases of their lives. They are so accustomed to behaving in the same ways, they don’t realize the root causes of their success or failure.
Why is this important? We can see attitude in three ways because attitude first affects how you look, what you say every day about your life, what you do. And attitude secondly affects how you feel about your life, both physically and mentally. And it’s actually affects how successful you are in achieving your goals.

But wait, this is more important when we speak of attitude , you should keep in mind that attitude stems from within. If you think you can change it from negative to positive, your in a good position to do so. You should remember that you have the capacity to control your thoughts. The world makes a way only for these people who are determined, for people who laugh at barriers that limit others, at stumbling-blocks over which others fall.

Building a positive attitude begins with having confidence on yourself. Confidence reinforces ability, doubles energy, buttress mental faculties and increases power. Your thoughts will prompt the force of your conviction, the weight of your decisions and the power of your confidence.

Constant affirmation of your ability to succeed, and your determination to do so, will carry you past difficulties and strengthen your power to achieve, it will help you pass obstacles and laugh at misfortunes. It will reinforce your natural faculties and powers and keep them on track.

Repetition increases courage and courage is a back bone of confidence, I still remember how many times I kept on telling my heart that “I can” ,”I must,” and “I will”and the results where positive. Only if we change our attitude to positive attitude we are mostly to succeed in our dreams and plans in life. I had to force myself to get off my bed because of how I positively I am about life, think about that one person who couldn’t do something because she or he was disappointed by the world returns.

I hope your thinking about how your attitude is towards life.

Nyamagesa Laban

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