My definition of success


I was born and raised in a Christian family so my life as a Christian would mean nothing if I don’t lift others, economically, socially and politically when ever I have a chance to. The world today is a bit different as I was told by my eldest brother that when they were still young they struggle to have a good life to make a family and provide that family and live happily ever after. But as for most of us today we strive so hard with education, with wellbeing mostly dieting, avoid this and that, maintaining life class and many others just to mention a few.
Now I imagine of this one person who was born in the streets raised on the roads, grew up begging on the traffic jams she actually sit sometimes and wish she was that one little girl who call herself princess who pass by the same road everyday going to school sitting at the back seat and their eyes meets every morning and they speaks through their eyes. She end up saying how I wish. And to this same girl who is chased away from a nice restaurant when she tries to come close to a gentleman who  is seated closer to the restaurant’s  Window to try her best to beg and ask for food. Who will help her?
Our work is to help others, changes starts with one person and this person is me and you, it’s until then we will say we have brought an impact in Africa and through this change we will be successful too ,no matter how hard you have struggled to be the person you are today, this is the same struggles this one person is going through.  I have met someone who even said they need to fight as how we did fought, but how is this even possible for this little girl? Yes I have seen those who succeeded from being street beggars to city business woman, but what’s your responsibility as a successful person? Paving a way for them, one hundreds shillings that your giving this kid may be only used to buy sweets and the struggles continues next morning. We rise by lifting others, it’s until then we will all be successful and we can stand and say I am a change.
Your not successful until you have manage to lift others. Put a smile on someone’s face today it’s until then we will be successful.

Nyamagesa Laban

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