You and your words


This weekend I had a chance to take a long ride with a friend, before I forgot it was the best thing to do for the Easter break. Here are some awesome pictures I took at Mikumi National Park Tanzania.






Our words introduce us, they define us and are the best tool to win or loose in life. I never thought knew if words we use matters until when I started using the word “Thank you” it may sound normal but the words we choose to use should reflect us even when we don’t introduce us.
On high ways in my country you will meet Traffic police who controls the speed used by the drivers and making sure that traveling is easy and we are protected, I’m not sure if my friend was a good driver all the way but we had the best moments because of how he wisely he used politely words to communicate to the police, i was impressed. I learned a lot from my friend’s choice of words.
By  learning how to respond to people around us using good choice of words we will be able to rightly communicate to them. It doesn’t cost you a thing instead it deposits some happiness in you since there is no regrets it’s a win win situation.
I have learned to say Thank you years back and it has brought positive impact in my life ever since.
Choose your words wisely, they make you.

Nyamagesa Laban

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