Three things that I learnt in my two weeks leadership journey


In the past two weeks, i have been attending a leadership program at the YALI RLC at Kenyatta University Nairobi, Kenya. It has been a great chance for me since I have had a special moments meeting with different young leaders from 14 countries in Africa. It has been a moment of learning and sharing what life gives if we give back.
Apart from the well designed courses , my fellow participants has taught me mostly the power of unity. The power that can only be found when strong and effective young people come together and discuss by sharing different perspectives on how to overcome different issues that faces African countries.
So these are the lessons learned from my two weeks participation;-
In every failure there is lesson that comes from it.
We both know how failure disappoint us in different ways, it’s not so easy to lift yourself up after so many attempts of trying especially new thing, a hobby, business or a new habit, I have had a moment to chat with my fellow participants , the presence and stories from Somalia, Kenya, Uganda , Ethiopia, Somaliland, Congo and southern Sudan fellow had moved me, in spite of the said terrible stories that we hear from their Countries they still choose to unleash their leadership skills by attending the program with hopes.
Obstacles can only make an effective leaders strong.

We should listen to understand and not listen to answer
I would remember back then in my childhood when a teacher was giving out quizzes in the class and I couldn’t do better sometimes because I missed important instructions or when Mum send me something in the house and I bring the wrong thing. All these good points I missed because I wouldn’t listen to understand instead .
as a leader I now know that I should listen to understand.

Always begin with an end in mind
Our minds create what we do everyday, we are what we think, and this is the only power that can lead to us to do better in life.
As an effective leaders our work is to let people know what happens when you believe, the best end leads our actions, in a way that if you think of winning you will do anything to win , your actions towards winning will be acting and behaving as a winner.


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