Why you should find balance

I didn’t know anything about Yoga in the past years,I would wake up and go for jogging every time I visit my home town on holidays. I still remember how cool it was whenever I left home to the beach for exercising it felt so good by then and I do that to date.
After sometime i found myself doing some good moves and shapes and slowly I was doing Yoga unknowing, it felt nice doing it, so do many of us in life we seek to balance life, and we fail because we don’t know why we should balance our life, here are some reason we can learn from the Yogis people who balances their body and makes different poses.

Breath in and Out
The the first thing you will do in life is to breath in, and the last thing we do is breath out, we all have reasons when breathing in and out, so is the Yogis beliefs that breathing in and Out is equal breathing, and so apart from bringing in oxygen it’s a good way of overcoming stress and cool you down when you are overwhelmed. So for a balanced life we should learn to breath in and out.

You have the power to control your mind.
Not everything that comes from your mind is correct, we can adjust the way we react to the world around us. As for Yogis sitting in a quiet place and counting while closing your eyes helps you rethink and empty your mind to make it ready in receiving new and positive ideas. So you too have the power to control what your mind.

Step out of your comfort zone and expand it.
There is nothing that you can not do, its a matter of decisions that we make everyday. For Yogis as you hold on a particular pose your getting stronger and more flexible and balanced and your body is placed to pure mind.
If at all your on a matt and you can’t put on a new yoga pose you don’t run from the matt you learn the pose and experience the circumstances.

Written by
Nyamagesa Laban

Nyamagesa Laban

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