The stolen Shoes


I could hear everyone packing to leave for good , it wasn’t too noisy just a simple talk from some girls in a near by cube, I was also putting together my belongings, and suddenly I was amused while opening my bag where I had packed my beautiful shoes that I wore once during graduation day, guess what my beautiful shoes were missing, I cried out loudly but there was no help.
It was the last day at school and I had just finished my last exams so at least I was happy going back home at last, I had called home telling my sister about my beautiful shoes but now they were missing I didn’t have something to show her. I called her back and said I feel so bad because your not going to see my shoes , this is what she told me, “don’t worry you will get another beautiful shoes some days.”

Why do i share this now? Because today I have many shoes and they are beautiful, I imagine how I felt ,how worried I was when my shoes were stolen back then after high school and I was disappointed at that time, I still remember this story whenever I buy new shoes to date.

Today we are worried about our stolen dreams, talents we think we can never have other opportunities ahead . As of me I believe that there are opportunities out there I take advantage of every door that opens as long as it takes me where I want to be, just like the stolen shoes, stolen opportunities can be our story to tell as we meet and grab new opportunities in life. Cherish what you have now,
Remember your dreams are valid.

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