Keep moving

Your struggles are your story, without them ,you do not exist, not your successes,not your failures, not your unique perspective on life. The things that have tried to make you fail are the very reason your becoming the fortress that cannot be overcome without the hardest battle.

Your success isn’t determined by how many things you have or how expensive they are. Your success is a reflection of how high you have made it in relations to how humble and difficulty your beginnings where, your success is determined by how many times you made yourself get up when it felt like life had it’s boot on your chest.

Take a moment and think about those moments when you wants to do something new and a friend disappointed you, that moment when you wanted to wake up early an you felt like you couldn’t.

The moment you decide to embrace your battles that’s the most precious moment that you will always be thankful for.

Written by
Misounaya’s blog

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