Why your blessed

After my classes this evening I stopped with a friend to buy some snacks while waiting for the bus back home, we were discussing about how hard our life has become after we enrolled for our  classes. Things like job, studies, late nights, early mornings and all that, exams are approaching and we were thinking , what will happen next and speaking a lot about ourselves.
The conversations was interrupted by a man begging for our snacks, I first thought he was kidding but he insisted, so I just had to buy biscuits for him, he was so happy then and he thanked us for that, he said that was his first meal for the day, remember it was 20:00 hrs pm.
Then I told my best friend that we were blessed, the man couldn’t afford a single meal but we were buying snacks to pass time while waiting for the bus as additional meal after three course that we took during the day.
I told her we were blessed because the boy selling the biscuits lives miles from town and he only sleeps 3-4 hours before he return to town to San 1000 Tshs, per day. And we only sleep 7 hours and come back the next day to earn more than 50000 Tshs per day.
I told her we were blessed because we are going back home to sleep in a big house with a gate, a precious bed, clean environment and the boy who was standing in front of us didn’t know where to sleep at this night.
I told her we were blessed because we were coming from the class taking our second degree, and the boy in front of us may be couldn’t go to school because he didn’t have a chance to, may he didn’t had an opportunity to continue his studies.
In everything we do, we need to be thankful for every thing that we have, for our life, breath we take, the money we get, the time that we use and all that we have.
We are all blessed in different ways.

Be thankful today.

Nyamagesa Laban.

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