Things I have learned from my mother!

I believe our mothers are the first teachers, before we even start meeting others We often meet our mothers all the time. The time she spent feeding me was the most precious time I cherish to date. I know many of us can imagne how deep is our mothers Love,it wasn’t easy if it wasn’t love, the noises we make when we have unending cries, pampering us each time could not be easy if it wasn’t love!
My mother made me who I am today because she was and always will be my best teacher in the whole world. What she is and what she has been has so many impact in me, my mother was the

She could have dressed so well whenever she had an occasion even when she was home my mother was always in the best look. She made the dresses herself, we didn’t have so much money so she used her skills to make us dresses.Today I act as her  in so much when it comes to dresses ,she told me this as I was grew up,we are what we are because we choose to be!

We are nine siblings in our family and we lived with cousins at our home such a big family my mother was responsible for everything that was raised home,she would cook, wash and clean everything, not because she had no one to help but because she was to lead us to be better today. She was an example to dte ,I knew I would make a good leader as my mum someday.

Focused woman
She didn’t go to school but she was the best business woman in town, her focus has always been in helping us understand business and be ready to do well in future, she had small business,she would have assign us to take control of everything that she did her focus was not on that day she let me do myself I didn’t know she was building in me a future strong business woman!

Praying woman
As a Christian my mother would wake up every morning and I could hear her praying for us and since my brothers where out for at school out of town,she would mention eachone of us and praying for us,no wonder all the blessings that we have  comes from her prayers.

She insisted on being confident in whatever you decide to do as long as it’s worthy it.
She has gone through different sickness, trials and yet my mother would comfort us and says, hold on my child joy comes in the morning!
She had confidence when it comes to truth saying it will set you free! I’m confident today because it wa planted in me by my mother.

Forgiving mother
I still remember this story, when I was a kid my mother had firewood business, we had alot of customers coming every now and then, one day my mother started to complain that there was some firewood stolen from the compound, we had a big compound and so the firewoods where being brought in a large volume so it wasn’t easy to identify if they were stolen, but mother would know.
She complained for a time and so my brothers had to help, one night as we were asleep, one of my brothers heard some noises as there was someone outside, he woke up and quickly he throw a big stick on that person who was the thief, the next morning they started searching for the thief and he was brought home with wounds, my mother did not remember anything that was happening, she felt so bad and she went in the house just to bring a glass of milk with sweet potatoes!
Everyone was shocked so do i, and I still tell the story to date because I experienced the power of forgiveness from my mother!
Our mothers are the best gift that the Lord provided us with, we should Cherish every moment of being around them.

Dedicated to my mama, Anna Majanjara Laban

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