Portrait of strength


As we all wish to develop in different aspects in life, we sometimes forgets the person we dream about! I am a believer since then… My mother had said to me that I make a strong woman and so I would have do and act as one in everything that I was involved!

We had no much money but I had a great family, what my parents invested in me is education, it’s what I’m proud of to date, I had a strength to be whatever I want and I had a free choice making mind! I still remember how I won my first bank Junior Jumbo account that had my strength, I know it was something small but that’s what I’m currently using since 1997.

We portrait what we are, we speak by what we live, eat, speak and actions shows what we are! Are you weak? If that’s what you are then you will portray that in everything you do, we all wish to be strong let’s start being strong today because that’s what we are.

What portrays strength?
If you want them to see show it, reflect what your, you have to do it for your self it’s not about being selfish but it’s for your own good. Let them know by what you are. Don’t expect to receive a nice comment that you don’t deserve.

2.Self awareness
It’s true that some people take time to find what they are, but it’s clear and open that you should creat the person you want to see in you, be your first fun and others will follow.

3.Respect your decisions.
Think before acting, trust yourself and know that in the end the thing’s that matters is you!make smart decision maker and others will follow.

4.Respect others.
We are in a journey but sailing in a different directions, we aim same but we take separate routes! They are also humans they decide and do so don’t expect good from the people around you but be positive on them.

5.Trust in the Lord.
The all universe is in his controll so you can be whatever you wish to be! You just handle everything to Him he will construct and intervene in anything when you call!
A portrait of strength is through what we are and how we do it in a best way, being able to do our responsibilities in advance and with quality, if your a mother be one, if your a nanny be one, if you have alot spilt it to others take your hand and help those in need!
Stand out be a ”portrait of strength”

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