When you have to do it alone

Always do what your afraid to do

This is my best statement ever, its always difficult to try the things we are afraid of doing,, like starting a new habit, buying an expensive thing , starting a new hobby, making a business presentations and even starting new business.

It takes time to reach the things that you want to do, its a full set up, mind set up and its all about changing yourself from inward to the outward, Many people are afraid of the hardship, the struggles and may be the rejection they will face from friends and family. My mother had a small business when I was growing up, I was required to carry a five little milk packed every evening and take that to the customers around our area, I remember being so happy when I finish selling milk and come back home with all the money in my hand, only new strategies would lead me to this achievements, because whenever I tried it alone that’s when I was able to sell it all.

I couldn’t wait for my family to help me in this I just had to find the way out to bring the empty cane with the money in my hands. Today I don’t wait for the group to help me do it I just get myself in and all I have today its when I decided to go alone. Friends will support you while waiting for your failure but take heart and try it all alone.

Have you ever been in where casual conversations led to multi-million- dollar deal? I engage myself in a conversation with several people and I got my three job offer that at the same time and our first conversations being oral interview, I learned that being in a right place at the right time can make a difference that is not only strategic but life changing as well.

Now I know where power lays, the voice within you, let it speak out not tomorrow now is the time, just step in and change what your and that change is the lifetime change.


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