Being Forward and Bold

Every person needs to be forward, it happens that most of us looks back every time they try to go, I have been in the same situation when I tried to step out and bounce back because of friends disappointments, sometimes all we want to do is a simple commitment to be forward in whatever we choose to do.

  1. Give yourself permission to be bold. Have your mindset that you have the power to do what you want to do, take risk, just find compassionate towards yourself and ready to be forward.
  2. Be kind to yourself and Remember that your human. whatever you do to yourself do it to yourself, love yourself as you love others, self love will treat you right.
  3. Identify and leverage your strengths. Be clear on what you do best, as people who knows you well to give you feedback ,boosts your resilience.
  4. Plan and prepare. If you are searching for a job always be prepared for a job that you want, and if your negotiating for a pay rise, ensure that you have done your homework before facing your Boss.
  5. Stretch yourself. find little things that will stretch you as you build your confidence always try something new and don’t run from failure learn from them instead.
  6. Stay in your own lane. Stay focused and resist from comparing yourself and your performance to others, they will always be someone who makes more money so focus on your capabilities.
  7. Seek help. Do not be so proud to ask for help, there so many people out there who are willing to support and mentor you, gives you advice, you can make a list of people who can be able to help you.


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