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I know i can write on faith like the all day.

Have you ever wondered why we worry about life? It keeps hunting us even when what we hoped for succeeded ? You know what, I have figured out myself , that it should be a daily practice, having faith and be grateful for each day makes us adapt the situation , just ask yourself what would it be like if you weren’t worrying? Or what would you change if you keep worrying?

So it good to have faith in whatever we do, face each day with love and kindness, be happy and grateful in every situation. Practice your happiness and it will get use to you.

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Life is the air we breath and how we use it.

Few days ago i asked my self some questions about life and it came to past midnight when i realized that if i say i have not lived who will be blamed for that? Or of i say live is hard whose life is that? Or if i say im too tired and i am giving up who will be hold responsible?

Then i concluded that life is the air we breath and how we use it, no matter how often we stand on the roads, wondering if we will make it to the other side without doing anything about it, is the same results we get when we complain about our life and not doing anything about it.

The reality is to open our hears and eyes and be ready to face what’s coming our way , because we have control of our live and its our choice to choose whats right for you.

B3 ready for opportunities in life.

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The tiny little things

It is the little things that makes us. In different occasions little things may be left out, let see, it happens when you make decisions in life? Lets say you’re having trouble choosing between two things, what comes to your mind? how many words comes up to your mind? Which one do you normally take?

These are the little things that we never notice but they matter so much especially when we make decisions. Paying attention.

Have you ever thought of it?

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View from my window

I view hope each morning. Trees and the sound of birds that i hear everyday gives me hope to start a day.

It’s my hope you find hope too everyday.


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How to make a happy new year18.

Its my first day working this year and im grateful for a wonderful rainy day in the city. It’s normally not a very good day when it rains here especially workdays in the morning, but I’m happy for God’s blessings that are always with us.

When this year started i was among those people who had no idea of what next this year. Being married for three weeks, my marriage is what i have next, and thinking of my career again i wanted to continue doing what i do best, which includes content creation and other areas. I was stranded , how do i do this yet this year i kept on asking myself everyday ?

So i had some goals and plans written down but there is one thing i needed to do to make this year easy for me. Basically i decided to look forward to accomplish something i have planned each time this year. That’s the only motivation that i have chosen this year because living, recreating and discovering is what i am looking forward to accomplish this year by loving and giving i can put a smile on someone who need it most as i do.

Happy new year everyone 🌺

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