Bouncing back

I grew up in a big family, i had eight siblings me being the 9th😊. I still remember some of my childhood moments and we had this bed in one of our guest’s room that we would go sleep because it was bouncing when we sleep especially in the afternoon when you are forced to sleep as the kids😋 i hated sleeping in the afternoon but that bed was everything i would go and play on it until i fall asleep. There was a time this bed was destroyed i don’t remember how but it wasn’t bouncing back as it use to, so it was not interesting anymore for me🤣🤣🤣

My body has currently changed alot, well i know i am 12kg more so it’s a big change. I have seen alot from social media and seeing people around me bouncing back after giving birth ,and some remains with their baby weight forever. I can’t hide there is a lot of pressure from outside which makes me question when will i bounce back???🤔 like that bed in my childhood am i going to bounce back???

Then i found some wonderful reading from different writer’s perspectives that our body is different, some may bounce back and some may not, again my body right now reminds me of what it is capable of, giving a life, it was toned, stretched and yet i gave life to a wonderful son a gift that my husband and i are entitled to keep on earth. You see my body is a reminder that i am wonderful made to be able to give life, that i am beautiful no matter what size i am, we are different and that’s okay, it may take time to bounce back and it’s okay if it doesn’t bounce back😄🤣🤣

So if you are wondering about bounce back thing, well enjoy it while it last, your body is magical🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️

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Life is the series of moments, from birth to death, there so much going on in our life that we are taken away from what is really happening around us. I use public buses most of the time and i would notice how we are so close to our cellphone that we miss out to see new buildings, new shops and stuffs that i enjoy, car trends on the traffic jam🙈🙈🤣🤣🤣

In the past one and half year i experienced a moment of making a baby inside my belly. Such a great experience i say today, there was so much going on in my life that i missed some moments that i now regret why i did what i did, one of the moment i clearly remember was the day that i was traveling to Nairobi and i was 8month pregnant,( trust me im missing the care i got whenever traveling while pregnant😂) ,i had a big belly that everyone staring at me from checking in to landing. There was a moment where i wanted to throw up in one of my trips and my seatmate was a brother that i was attending a workshop with, so he hold my hand and whispered it’s okay you will be fine. Immediately i pretended that i was fine and said worry out i am okay, the truth is ,i wasn’t okay, i didn’t want him to feel sorry for me because of my situation. Things went well we landed safely.

It’s okay to let yourself be, especially when you need help. Moments may not come back, be present that you may never had a chance to regret a thing you didn’t do. Allow the universe to work on you and you will be present. Enjoy the moment that you are in because most of it doesn’t last.

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Hidden and unseen

I am a new mom this year, and this excites me, i am curious about everything that happens around me currently, that is to say i learn and unlearn alot of thing throughout the day.

I decided to take a break from everything including office work to raise my baby and i have alot of time with the baby , i spend most of the time with him, i feed, take him to sleep, play 💃, clean up, cook, wash though i have a house help i find myself doing almost everything sometimes and realizing later that i need help. There are so much going on in my life with him, to keep this real short, i have come to realize that some beautiful things are hidden and unseen.

Some people live their lives by serving behind the curtains, house wives and mother to mention one. Not every calling and gifting comes with spotlight but that should not make one feel irrelevant , we should learn to shine, work hard and be the best, cute like no one’s business.

To everyone who feels hidden and unseen just remember it’s about you, let you work hard on whatever you do and when you are in your best self you will feel the impact you have, eventually everyone around you will start to woke up the voices in their hearts.

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We all have experienced a waiting period, on the ATM machines, on bus station, on train station , at the airports and most of us have waited to finish school, waiting for a graduation, waiting to get married , waiting to meet your parents mostly for those who were adapted early enough that they never met their parents. So basically , waiting is the experience that most us have been through.

I experienced the series of waiting last year and thats what i wanted to share with someone who think waiting is bad or is a crime or they are distracted at a point when they had to wait for something. Few minutes after the doctor told me that I’m expecting a baby, i had so many questions going around my head, i think i had not realized that i can too have a baby so the whole thing was a long awaited great experience from morning sickness to labor, so all this is now a history because i am now a mother to a healthy baby that i don’t want him to get older. During my waiting period having a growing belly for nine month taught me that it’s okay to wait and while waiting there is something to cheer you up,( i actually read this from a certain website i can’t remember well the link) but what you can do as you preparing for awaited miracle ( which may be anything you are waiting for), how are you making yourself ready to receive? And are you positive? Even in your bad days are you realizing what waiting means to you?

I was in a bajaji one day, on my way home i met three adorable school kids playing along the road, since i have seen them at the bus stop several times and they use same daladala daily ,i just approached then and offered a ride and while on our way i asked, do you normally play after school? And they replied yes , just to pass time as we wait for a daladala that takes time to pass by.

See waiting can be boring, waiting is tiresome but at the end of the day is what you do while waiting.

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I know i can write on faith like the all day.

Have you ever wondered why we worry about life? It keeps hunting us even when what we hoped for succeeded ? You know what, I have figured out myself , that it should be a daily practice, having faith and be grateful for each day makes us adapt the situation , just ask yourself what would it be like if you weren’t worrying? Or what would you change if you keep worrying?

So it good to have faith in whatever we do, face each day with love and kindness, be happy and grateful in every situation. Practice your happiness and it will get use to you.

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Life is the air we breath and how we use it.

Few days ago i asked my self some questions about life and it came to past midnight when i realized that if i say i have not lived who will be blamed for that? Or of i say live is hard whose life is that? Or if i say im too tired and i am giving up who will be hold responsible?

Then i concluded that life is the air we breath and how we use it, no matter how often we stand on the roads, wondering if we will make it to the other side without doing anything about it, is the same results we get when we complain about our life and not doing anything about it.

The reality is to open our hears and eyes and be ready to face what’s coming our way , because we have control of our live and its our choice to choose whats right for you.

Be ready for opportunities in life.

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The tiny little things

It is the little things that makes us. In different occasions little things may be left out, let see, it happens when you make decisions in life? Lets say you’re having trouble choosing between two things, what comes to your mind? how many words comes up to your mind? Which one do you normally take?

These are the little things that we never notice but they matter so much especially when we make decisions. Paying attention.

Have you ever thought of it?

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